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Windows and Sliding Doors

Some houses or apartments that have a garden or balcony also have a sliding door. Every house has windows. Some are Sash windows some are new UPVC. All of them need to be locked properly otherwise what’s the point of having a great lock on your front door if all the rest can be easily access?!

The options for securing them are endless so let’s start we some easy solutions that can help avoiding unwelcome guests.

    • Curtains. Nicely and decorative way to avoid others from looking in.


    • Securing bolts. If it is a Sash window it is a great idea to put a locking bolt (of its different kinds) to hold both parts of the window attached.


    • Switch lock for the upvc is a decorative(and can be invisible) and a great way to securing the windows from pulling.


    • Chains and restrictions handles are great for both types of windows but can also be seen and cut from the outside if not used properly.


    • Sliding doors are a bit harder to secure because of their weight and size. Placing a spring bolt in the wrong location can break easily if some strength is applied. It is important to make sure that the right screws are used and that its position is invisible from the outside as much as possible. Using a bullet lock to hold both doors together is even better, as long as you use it and don’t forget to unlock it before opening the door.


    • All the rest also depends on choosing the right handles and locks.





Always make sure to get the British Standard locks with the most secure features. Choose the handles with the least accessible ways for the outside. An alarm is also a great addition to make sure you sleep tight at night.



Windows and Sliding Doors
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About Us

Locksmith-app.co.uk is a U.K based locksmith’s online app that delivers fast and efficient locksmith services 24 hours 365 days a year all over the U.K

At Locksmiths-app.co.uk the technicians have an average arrival time ranging from 15-30 minutes and you can choose which will come to your aid. Our expert team of emergency locksmith professionals is trained & experienced in using the latest equipment and locksmith methods and all of them are handpicked according to their Training level, Recommendations, and CRB. On our app you can choose which of the following problems you have and the system will pick the right locksmiths for you, saving you the search time.

Automotive Locksmith Services


  • All cars lockout services.
  • Retrieving locked keys inside the car.
  • Car keys replacement for broken or lost car keys.
  • Car keys cutting and duplicates.
  • Replace car key fobs or reprogram.
  • Transponder programming.
  • Car keys extraction.
  • Ignition cylinder/switch replacement and repair services.
  • Rekeying ignition.


Residential/Commercial Locksmith Services


  • All emergency lockout services.
  • Lock change for residential homes, offices, and buildings.
  • Fresh installation on all types of doors.
  • Smart locks installation.
  • Rekeying locks on doors.
  • Damaged lock repair.
  • Broken key extraction.
  • Replace and/or repair window locks.
  • Residential safe lockouts.
  • Mailboxes lock change.
  • All safes unlocking or repairing.
  • Opening and unlocking file cabinets.
  • Cut off or pick most padlocks.
  • Service and reprogramming for digital locks.


We will provide your security maintenance and installation whether it’s for your business, house or car. Many of our professional technicians offer mobile locksmith services. They work from the comfort of their professional vehicle, saving you a trip to the storefront. Your total confidence, comfort, and peace of mind will not be met without having proper security hardware installed by a proper professional. Now you can sleep better at night knowing your office, home, and vehicle are secure.




Locksmiths-app.co.uk is a 24/7 service so no matter when you need us, all you need to do is placing your Postcode, problem and mobile number. Are you searching “locksmith near me” into Google? Chances are you will not find a better locksmith service that is a 24-hour locksmith service with technicians across the country. The truth is, you never know when you may need an emergency 24-hour locksmith. There is nothing as frustrating as locking yourself out of your car, home, or office late at night when everything is closed.


So whenever you simply lost your keys or the lock on the door is old and broken. These are the times you will need the assistance of a locksmith in your local area. An emergency locksmith is always available, we have locksmiths near you available 24 hours a day make the right choice, choose locksmiths-app.co.uk



About Us
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When Drilling is a Must

How would you know if the locksmith is drilling your lock because he has to and there is no other choice, or just because he doesn’t know any other way, or just because he is trying to make a profit on your back? Drilling a lock should be in few different cases. When picking isn’t working or takes too long.


When you can’t swipe a card to push the latch or use a hook to open the door from the inside by pulling the handle down. When the lock won’t work with the key because of any problem that might be the mechanism. Whenever all the above options have been checked and tried and there is no other way but drilling.


Drilling the different types of locks also has its own rules.


There are two ways to drill a rim.

  1. Above the keyhole in order to destroy the pins.
  2. On other sides of the key all in order to destroy the two side screws that hold him in place.


There is only one way to drill cam locks and that is straight through the keyhole. Drilling a mortise can be tricky so it is important to make sure the locksmith uses the right tools and drilling from the key all and not above it. In some mortise locks, there is a need for an additional drill in order to.




Real the security top pin that holds the levers but that shouldn’t be left visible and those who know how to do it will be very accurate and won’t damage the door. When drilling a Euro lock it is important to know which lock it is.


Some locks have a very high-security anti drill mechanism that if the locksmith drills at the wrong place it might cause an unexpected and unnecessary damage to the door. Always remember to ask the locksmith what can be done in order to gain access without damaging the lock and the door.

When Drilling is a Must
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Digital World, Digital Locks

These days of age everything is very progressive and very futuristic. Everything needs to work on your phone or via any other unique method of technology. Digital locks and fingerprint locks are very good in terms of futuristic designs but are they good enough for security purposes?!


The biggest belief is that, (for example:) most cases of calling a locksmith are for losing a key or that the key isn’t working properly with the lock or you just got locked out by the wind that slammed your door when you went to throw the garbage in your bins. Fixing this problem is much simpler when you have a digital or a fingerprint locks. You put the code or your finger and that’s it. You have not locked out anymore. But what if there is a system failure or the battery’s gone out? How do you fix that problem?


Smart homes can be operated from far away. CCTV cameras that broadcast directly to your phone, Locks you can call to in order to open the door and etc.Most of the digital locks and those you can operate with your phone or finger are very good and can be fitted on most doors and even get a British Standard lock on them so they can be high security. So what is the biggest benefit out of them?




They are fancy. They are very cool. And they work with most of the today’s technology that makes it even easier to operate. And the idea that you can upgrade them with a proper lock (high-security British Standard euro cylinders) is even more attractive. The only issue is that some of them can be bypassed with the same technology.


So if you fancy a cool, progressive, fancy locks that are great gadgets you should definitely get one.

Digital World, Digital Locks
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Locksmiths BR8 - Swanley area

High Street Front Store Security

Most high street business/ store owners believe is that if their store faces the street (which all does, otherwise what’s the point???) no one will break into the store and uses the cheapest options of security in order to save a pence. Sadly it is way far from the truth. Putting aside the fact that not having the right lock on your store door attracts the burglar notice and can be a waste of money because the insurance can waive the claim by applying that the lock was not high-security British Standards, it is usually won’t look dignified.


Having a top and bottom locks is great only if you use them both and if you have the right protecting covers on the right High-Security British Standard locks.


The fact that you show that your store is properly protected also will make the burglar think twice if you also have an alarm or a CCTV system inside, which will most likely make him go away and look for another place with an easier access.


Having the right British Standard locks will not be enough if the cover or the case doesn’t have a strong and heavy duty bolt on it and a proper protecting cover to avoid any easy access to the lock body itself. (It is best to make sure that the lock that is fitted is aligned with the cover and doesn’t stick out.




The screw in cylinders is also good to have as long as the case they are fitted to has a proper bolt/hook and doesn’t have any visible gaps between the door and the frame.


Having a thumb-turn on the inside is also good as long as it is not visible or accessible. Otherwise, if the is a small gap it can be turned and open very easily.


High Street Front Store Security
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