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Digital World, Digital Locks

These days of age everything is very progressive and very futuristic. Everything needs to work on your phone or via any other unique method of technology. Digital locks and fingerprint locks are very good in terms of futuristic designs but are they good enough for security purposes?!


The biggest belief is that, (for example:) most cases of calling a locksmith are for losing a key or that the key isn’t working properly with the lock or you just got locked out by the wind that slammed your door when you went to throw the garbage in your bins. Fixing this problem is much simpler when you have a digital or a fingerprint locks. You put the code or your finger and that’s it. You have not locked out anymore. But what if there is a system failure or the battery’s gone out? How do you fix that problem?


Smart homes can be operated from far away. CCTV cameras that broadcast directly to your phone, Locks you can call to in order to open the door and etc.Most of the digital locks and those you can operate with your phone or finger are very good and can be fitted on most doors and even get a British Standard lock on them so they can be high security. So what is the biggest benefit out of them?




They are fancy. They are very cool. And they work with most of the today’s technology that makes it even easier to operate. And the idea that you can upgrade them with a proper lock (high-security British Standard euro cylinders) is even more attractive. The only issue is that some of them can be bypassed with the same technology.


So if you fancy a cool, progressive, fancy locks that are great gadgets you should definitely get one.

Digital World, Digital Locks
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