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High Street Front Store Security

Most high street business/ store owners believe is that if their store faces the street (which all does, otherwise what’s the point???) no one will break into the store and uses the cheapest options of security in order to save a pence. Sadly it is way far from the truth. Putting aside the fact that not having the right lock on your store door attracts the burglar notice and can be a waste of money because the insurance can waive the claim by applying that the lock was not high-security British Standards, it is usually won’t look dignified.


Having a top and bottom locks is great only if you use them both and if you have the right protecting covers on the right High-Security British Standard locks.


The fact that you show that your store is properly protected also will make the burglar think twice if you also have an alarm or a CCTV system inside, which will most likely make him go away and look for another place with an easier access.


Having the right British Standard locks will not be enough if the cover or the case doesn’t have a strong and heavy duty bolt on it and a proper protecting cover to avoid any easy access to the lock body itself. (It is best to make sure that the lock that is fitted is aligned with the cover and doesn’t stick out.




The screw in cylinders is also good to have as long as the case they are fitted to has a proper bolt/hook and doesn’t have any visible gaps between the door and the frame.


Having a thumb-turn on the inside is also good as long as it is not visible or accessible. Otherwise, if the is a small gap it can be turned and open very easily.


High Street Front Store Security
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