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Windows and Sliding Doors

Some houses or apartments that have a garden or balcony also have a sliding door. Every house has windows. Some are Sash windows some are new UPVC. All of them need to be locked properly otherwise what’s the point of having a great lock on your front door if all the rest can be easily access?!

The options for securing them are endless so let’s start we some easy solutions that can help avoiding unwelcome guests.

    • Curtains. Nicely and decorative way to avoid others from looking in.


    • Securing bolts. If it is a Sash window it is a great idea to put a locking bolt (of its different kinds) to hold both parts of the window attached.


    • Switch lock for the upvc is a decorative(and can be invisible) and a great way to securing the windows from pulling.


    • Chains and restrictions handles are great for both types of windows but can also be seen and cut from the outside if not used properly.


    • Sliding doors are a bit harder to secure because of their weight and size. Placing a spring bolt in the wrong location can break easily if some strength is applied. It is important to make sure that the right screws are used and that its position is invisible from the outside as much as possible. Using a bullet lock to hold both doors together is even better, as long as you use it and don’t forget to unlock it before opening the door.


    • All the rest also depends on choosing the right handles and locks.





Always make sure to get the British Standard locks with the most secure features. Choose the handles with the least accessible ways for the outside. An alarm is also a great addition to make sure you sleep tight at night.



Windows and Sliding Doors
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